was established in 2012 as small enterprise connecting various people in the Marula industry to each other. This unique wild African fruit found in abundance in sub Saharan Africa has till recently not been researched and developed to its full potential. Through the endeavour of various individuals, certain Universities, Communities, Individuals and the Marula Company great strides have been made to commercially utilize this magical fruit and all it’s uses.

In the past few years we have been involved in the development of not only retail products but in industrial equipment to commercially harvest and produce high quality Marula products.

One of the areas that The Marula Company and partners have had great success in is the cold pressed extraction of high value clean Marula oil. The Marula Company has worked closely together with Marula Machinery that develop commercial equipment to assist in the extraction and filtration process.  Marula Machinery are currently the only manufacturers and suppliers of a commercially viable Marula Nut Extractor.

The Marula Company your one stop Marula shop for Networking, Equipment, Oils, Marula Pulp and many other Marula related ventures.

If it has to do with Marula we can help you !!!!!!